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CCTV Installation & Maintainace

Digimatt are experienced CCTV installers offering free site survey and quotation, system design, procurement and install of CCTV systems in Reading, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

CCTV systems can play a crucial role in providing safety and security solutions for the effective protection of people, property and assets (domestic or commercial). Used in either blatantly visible or discreet hidden locations, a CCTV camera installation can act as a power deterrent against burglary and theft, criminal damage or anti-social behaviour. Furthermore, high-quality fake 'dummy' CCTV cameras that are indistinguishable from real units can also be employed at a reduced cost while still providing a beneficial result.

Innovation in the field has come a long way in recent years, with affordable solutions allowing for full-colour high-definition CCTV recording to hard disk or removable media, even incorporating technology for remote viewing over the Internet (known as IP CCTV). In plain English, this makes it possible to check on your premises from almost any location, using any computer or your smart-phone in some cases.

Assisting you in the optimum placement of CCTV cameras (allowing for identification of persons, and considering the effect of sunlight, for example), we will provide a solution aligned to your needs and budget, clearly explaining all aspects of viewing and recording functionality to ensure your total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Correct maintenance of CCTV systems is also important as dirt, debris and even spider webs can accumulate over time, degrading the picture quality.

Free Survey & Quote, AM/PM Appointments, No Obligation

CCTV installation: cameras, dummy cameras, recording & viewing equipment.

Advice, procurement and installation of IP CCTV (remote viewing).

All associated internal and external cabling works.

Scheduled and one-off CCTV maintenance services.

Note that domestic and commercial CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) installations are subject to differing legal requirements. CCTV should never be targeted to view another persons home as this could lead to your own potential prosecution under privacy laws!