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Home Networking - WiFi & Ethernet Wired

Setting up and maintaining a secure, reliable and high-speed connection between household devices and the Internet is critical in these modern times. Digimatt can advise on, install and configure suitable solutions utilising wired or wireless (WiFi) approaches configured for your individual needs, future-proofed to support ever-increasing connectivity demands. We will also provide a wiring chart making any future adjustments by yourself or any other technician far easier something many companies do not do!

WiFi and Wired Network Design & Install

Home networking solutions to support devices including Smart TVs, computers and laptops, games consoles, wireless printers, home automation, smartphones and the 'internet of things'. We supply cost-effective yet high-quality equipment as required, utilising professional CAT5/CAT6 rated Ethernet cables as appropriate.

WiFi Signal Troubleshooting

Maximising WiFi signal strength across a premises, utilising carefully planned router placement and installation of cost-effective WiFi 'repeaters' where necessary. We have the expertise and equipment to analyse data transmission and identify weaknesses in your network. No more dropping connections or loading delays!

Data Transmission through Mains Power Cables

Technologies exist that allow data to be transmitted through existing mains power wiring. This concept is often referred to as Power-Line Communication (PLC) or Power-Line Networking (PLN). In situations where the installation of new cabling is not feasible, wired connections can still be achieved with this method. Digimatt can advise on the pros and cons, helping you make an informed choice about suitability.

A combined Wi-Fi and power-line solution can be beneficial in some cases: Using powerline wiring to connect bandwidth-intensive devices that remain stationary (NAS, printers, game consoles), you improve their performance and that of mobile WiFi gear (laptops and smartphones) by reducing overall wireless network demand.

Media Servers & NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Digimatt are experts in the installation and configuration of Media Servers and NAS Devices, allowing you to store and stream videos, music and other data to devices across the home from a centralised location.