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Signal Testing & Problem Solving

Identifying and resolving the cause of poor quality audio-visual experience or network connectivity is an area in which Digimatt excel.

Utilising modern testing equipment, we can quickly and accurately pin-point the cause of a wide range of faults on digital and analogue cabling and equipment, advising on the most appropriate and cost-effective way to not only resolve the issue but also protect you from repeat occurrence.

Digital TV and Satellite Problems

Missing channels and tuning issues.

Poor reception - Picture freezing, blocking or fuzzy.

Electrical interference.

Green screen.

Problems following bad weather (heavy rain or high winds).

Multi-Room Audio & Surround Sound Problems

Speaker problems lost sound and distortion.

Loss of bass from subwoofers.

Quiet zones.

HDMI audio issues.

Phase and channel separation issues.

FM / DAB Radio Problems

Transmission breakup and 'burbling'.

High amounts of static, low signal-to-noise.

Permanent changes to signal quality following extreme weather.

Telephone Infrastructure Problems

Degraded call quality on individual extensions.

Issues using broadband and telephone on the same line.

Drop in ringer volume across a premises.

Home Networking & WiFi Problems

Areas of low WiFi signal strength.

Device not connecting or intermittent dropping.

Unexplained broadband slow down in a household.

Be sure to check our common AV issues page for some useful further information.